Andrea Reade is an education professional with over thirty years of demonstrated expertise across a spectrum of educational services and settings.


Andrea Reade, Owner/Operator

With over thirty years of demonstrated expertise across a spectrum of professional settings, Reade Consulting offers personalized and site specific solutions to educational, non-profit and small business entities. 

By employing dynamic best practice facilitation and leadership skills, stakeholders are engaged collaboratively and purposefully to bring positive transformational change to the educational, non-profit or business setting. Reade Consulting is well experienced in effectively motivating and managing people to accomplish established goals and outcomes through the development of professional relationships and leveraging of team member strengths.  Additionally, by utilizing strategic and analytical processes to benchmark progress, problem solve and generate creative solutions during the implementation phase of work, Reade Consulting can help your organization successfully complete multiple tasks within a structured time frame for high impact results.

Selected Publications/Presentations/Educational Honors


Reade, A. & Sayko, S. (2017). Learning about your child’s reading development. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Education, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, Office of Special Education Programs, National Center on Improving Literacy. Retrieved from 

Reade, A. (2017). Supporting your child’s literacy development at home. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Education, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, Office of Special Education Programs, National Center on Improving Literacy. Retrieved from

Lakes Region Curriculum and Instruction Assessment - Summer Professional Development Institute - Key Note Speaker  - “Dovetailing Common Core State Standards and Understanding by Design Curriculum Development” – Wolfeboro, NH, August 2013.

National Reading Technical Assistance Center – National Reading Conference Presenter - Advancing Content Acquisition through Literacy K-8 - Anaheim, CA, July 2010.

Eastern Educational Research Association- Presenter - Training Student Teachers in the Use of Reflective Practice for Improved Pedagogy – Clearwater, FL, March 2000.

Pi Lambda Theta – Honor Society in Education – University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Kappa Delta Pi – Honor Society in Education (President – Epsilon Pi Chapter) – Keene State College.

Sigma Tau Delta – Honor Society in English (Vice President – Upsilon Phi Chapter) – Keene State College.

Commencement Speaker – Honors Address – Baccalaureate Program – Commencement Services – Keene State College.


Diagnostic Reviews and Evaluation Services:

Scholastic Inc. - Program Evaluator, Schenectady, NY - Literacy Camp Program Implementation Evaluation - Conducted focus groups with teachers, classroom observations of the program across grade levels, and interviewing parents and children. Synthesized and analyzed data and developed report of findings. 2018

Farmington, NH School District Climate and Culture Survey - created and conducted survey of staff using on-line data collection methods. Provided stratified analysis of data to identify patterns and trends in responses. Created graphical data representation and provided oral presentation of summarized findings for administrative use in strategic planning related to talent management and professional development of staff. 2017

State Collaborative on Reforming Education (SCORE) Tennessee - SCORE Prize Evaluation - Conducted school site visits that utilize classroom observation, focus groups, and key informant interviews to determine levels of expert practice in the implementation of high standards, cultivation of strong leaders, quality instruction and use of data to enhance student learning.  2015

Aurora, Colorado School District - Diagnostic Reviews - Conducted school-level reviews based on the Colorado Standards and Indicators for Continuous School Improvement School Level Standards and Indicators, Revised 2015 for Title IA Focus Schools and Title I schools with a Priority Improvement or Turnaround plans who were recipients of Diagnostic Review and Implementation Planning Grants. 2015

New York Department of Education - Evaluation of lesson plans from Supplemental Education Service (SES) providers to determine alignment to the Common Core State Standards based on the Tri-State Quality Review Rubric for ELA/Literacy. 2013- 2014

National Blue Ribbon Schools Program -  Evaluate the completeness and effectiveness of applications for the U.S. Department of Education’s National Blue Ribbon Schools Program which recognizes public and private elementary, middle, and high schools based on their overall academic excellence or their progress in closing achievement gaps among student subgroups. Provide written recommendations as well as by phone technical assistance to schools for improvement of applications. Discern quality differences in applications that are superior in nature and make recommendations for exemplary performance. 2014, 2015, 2016

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) - Evaluation of lesson plans and units for alignment to the Next Generation Science Standards as part of the educator resources made available by NASA’s Office of Education. 2014

Durham Evangelical Church, Durham, NH - Communications Strategy Development - Assist the church in reviewing current communications strategy and identifying areas not aligned to goals and objectives of larger church mission as well as individual ministries. Developed and analyzed large scale survey of over 500 congregants to determine experiences and perceptions related to communication avenues utilized. Used data to identify   specific areas in the church’s communication structure not meeting objectives and purposes and made recommendations for improvement. 2011-2012

Facilitation and Planning:

Maine and  New Hampshire Departments of Education – State Liaison for Northeast Comprehensive Center – Work with the Commissioners of Education, and senior staff to develop the annual work plan for all projects partnered with the Northeast Comprehensive Center which support each department’s efforts in priority areas related to student achievement and school improvement. Oversee the implementation of all project strands and maintain ongoing contact with project leads to ensure benchmarks are met and to address and resolve any organic issues that develop that could impede successful completion of the work. 2012 – ongoing

New Hampshire Learning Initiative – Provide planning and facilitation services to the NH Learning Initiative and the New Hampshire Department of Education including: Data collection and analysis of current principal leadership development practices across the state; Crosswalk development of current leadership standards being used at Institutes of Higher Education in New Hampshire to the recently released Professional Standards for Educational Leadership; Collaborative development of meeting agendas and facilitation of multiple stakeholder meetings to advance policy and implementation of a coherent principal pipeline in New Hampshire; and Writing of a summary report. 2017

New Hampshire Department of Education - Planned and facilitated meeting of key stakeholders in creating a framework for the Communication and Collaboration Action Plan.; assisted in the development and organization of a large scale meeting focused at policy makers, educators and other key stakeholders to develop their knowledge and understanding of competency education as Research Associate for RMC Research. 2014 - 2015

New Hampshire Department of Education - Facilitated Educator Equity Task Force to aid in the development of the state Equitable Distribution of Excellent Educator Plan and ongoing work of implementation , benchmarking an evaluating progress and communicating the work to diverse audiences within the state as Research Associate for the Northeast Comprehensive Center.  2014 – 2016

New Hampshire Department of Education - Facilitate ongoing work of the Effective Educator Task Force including the development of a Peer Review Model for Educator Effectiveness Models as Research Associate for the Northeast Comprehensive Center. 2014 - 2015

Maine Department of Education - Facilitated meeting of diverse educational stakeholders to aid in the development of state Equitable Distribution of Excellent Educators Plan. 2015

New Hampshire Department of Education - Facilitated RTI Task force of the NH DOE in the development of a white paper; creation of the Integrated Instructional Framework for Transformation: NH Model for Response to Instruction Implementation; and Strategic Action Plan for Professional Development as Research associate for the New England Comprehensive Center. 2008-2012

New York Department of Education - Statewide Comprehensive Literacy Plan - Designed and facilitated the work  of  a Statewide Literacy Team consisting of external stakeholders as well as internal NYSED representatives to develop a Birth through Grade 12 Comprehensive Literacy Plan as Research Associate for RMC Research. 2011

Talent Development, mentoring and Professional Learning and literacy expertise:

  • OWL On-Demand Web Based Learning - Designed and developed a whole school and team based, asynchronous, virtual learning experience that provides high quality school staff professional development. The on demand presentations and downloadable materials guide educators in deepening their knowledge and skills in a coherent set of content focused evidence-based strategies that undergird the best practices of teachers and leaders in schools today. 2019

  • Talent for Turnaround Leadership Academy - Northeast Comprehensive Center - National Team Member and State Lead for NH -  At the national level assist in designing and facilitating in-person and virtual convenings to share research and best practice, and to support SEA-LEA teams to use evidence-based strategies for addressing gaps in the talent pipeline for low performing schools,  collect and analyze formative and summative data to determine the effectiveness of implementation and then improve their strategies to attract, support, and retain excellent educators in the highest need schools. Delve into content related to priority strategies, such as Induction and Mentoring, teacher and principal leadership, and informed by teams’ problems of practice. At the state level design and facilitate monthly work sessions of the New Hampshire team to develop and support implementation of a research based strategic plan for addressing talent development of teachers and leaders. Provide one-on-one leadership mentoring to site based administrators. 2015-2018.

  • Farmington, NH School District – Design and deliver ongoing professional development in standards based instruction and planning and aligned to the district educator evaluation and support system. Engage educators and leadership through workshops, development of collaborative learning communities and mentoring experiences. 2016-2018

    United States Virgin Islands Department of Education – State Level Literacy Plan Worked as core team member to develop a state level literacy plan.  Responsible for generating the Adolescent Literacy Section which reflects a summary of the current research of comprehension strategy instruction, fluency and alphabetics, vocabulary, student motivation, discipline -based literacy, role of technology, writing, struggling readers and ELL, and role of assessments, as well as development of an implementation guide focusing on - Leadership & Culture; Standards-Based Curriculum; Instruction, Intervention & Data Based Decision Making;  Assessment Systems; Community & Family Involvement; Professional Development. 2016

    NEA- NH Fall Instructional ConferenceDesigned and delivered two-part workshop for New Hampshire educators - Implementing Common Core Standards in Literacy in Content Area Subjects in Middle School and High School I & II. Workshop I - Designed to provide teachers and coaches with an understanding of how text comprehension aids in the development of content acquisition.  Introduced participants to various strategies and tools for the explicit teaching of comprehension strategies and with techniques for using discussion as a means to foster comprehension. Attention given to the text based differences in various content areas. Workshop II - Designed to provide participants with direct application and practice of the strategies and tools introduced in Part I that foster comprehension using materials differentiated for science, social studies, and the English Language Arts. Materials utilized that attend to grade span differences at the middle and high school levels. 2015, 2016


    Tiverton, Rhode Island School District - Designed and delivered professional development in the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy to secondary education content area teachers.  2014


    Northeast Comprehensive Center – RTI Leaders Network –Provided professional development to a network of educational leaders across nine states through developing a series of webinars and on-line resources to aid in their knowledge building of RTI/MTSS.  2013-2014


    Lakes Region Curriculum and Instruction Assessment Summer Professional Development Institute-Wolfeboro, NH –Delivered key note address on Common Core State Standards and curriculum development; designed and implemented breakout sessions for content area teachers in English Language Arts, and school and district leaders; designed, conducted and analyzed data  from pre-institute survey of regional educators to determine levels of knowledge and use of Common Core State Standards in their daily pedagogy.  2013


    Gordon College, Wenham, Massachusetts - Instructor, Graduate Teaching Program -Designed and taught graduate students seeking certification in school leadership and reading. Courses taught: Disciplinary Literacy; Differentiation & Remediation in Reading. 2011-2013


    Massachusetts Department of Education - Provided training to various school districts throughout Massachusetts in the Massachusetts Framework for Educator Evaluation. 2013


    Center on InstructionWorked with a team of educational professionals to develop research-based materials and resources on literacy and English Language Arts to support educators in improving academic outcomes for students, address the problem of struggling readers, to meet instructional challenges of diversity in students' ability and readiness in learning to read.  2005 – 2011


    Eastern Suffolk BOCES, New York – Designed a year-long embedded professional development series for Long Island high school principals from five districts to develop their knowledge and skills as literacy leaders that was dovetailed with a content literacy professional development experience for core teachers from each school through a series of workshops, site observation visits, critical feedback and dialogue sessions.  Embedded professional development incorporated the use of PLCs, reflective learning logs, conference calls, and ongoing student data collection.  2010- 2012


    National Reading Technical Assistance CenterPresenter - National Reading Conference, Anaheim, CA   Advancing Content Acquisition through Literacy K-8.  July 2010


    New England Comprehensive Center - Work with the Maine Department of Education to create a document and resource tools to assist schools and districts with the implementation of Common Core State Standards by helping them to understand the essential skills and knowledge students need in order to achieve the standards as well as to assist teachers and leaders in evaluating and choosing curriculum materials that align with the Common Core for the English Language Arts. 2010


    New England Comprehensive Center - Promoting Student Literacy through Comprehension: Enhancing Teacher Preparation & Professional Development: A Symposium for Educational Leaders – Served on design team to determine the content for the symposium; created tools for participants to use to enhance their educational learnings; provided expertise in selecting and reviewing research materials in literacy to use with participants; worked with lead presenters Michael Kamil and Nell Duke to integrate their presentations into the larger purposes of the meeting.  2007


    Sullivan Middle School, Lowell Public Schools, Lowell, Massachusetts, Instructional Specialist - Served as curriculum administrator in the school to coordinate, provide and oversee professional development in literacy for teachers to introduce, improve, and enhance pedagogical strategies - including standards based instruction and assessment practices. Modeled lessons, created peer coaching opportunities, and conducted classroom walkthroughs. Developed and worked with teachers in professional learning communities to enhance teacher knowledge and instructional practice. 2002-2005


    Graduate School of Education, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Doctoral Teaching Assistant - Co-taught with university faculty member graduate level course Curriculum and Teaching: Middle/Secondary English.  Supervised, evaluated, and made recommendations for certification for graduate students in the Curriculum & Instruction Initial Licensure Program for Middle/High School English. Co-taught with university faculty member a graduate level class, Curriculum Design and Assessment a two-semester course focusing on standards based instruction and assessment. 1999-2002

Grants and RFPs:

New Hampshire Department of Education - NGA Grant – Best Practices Support for Leadership Development, 2016 – sole writer

New Hampshire Department of Education - Facilitation, Communication and Community Engagement Support, 2014 – sole writer

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education - District Review Process Evaluation, 2012 –contributing writer

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education - Master Agreement for Targeted Assistance, 2012 – contributing writer

Eastern Suffolk BOCES, New York - RTI in Literacy at the Secondary Level Professional Development Series, 2011 – sole writer

United States Department of Education - Comprehensive Centers Program, 2012 – contributing writer

Communication Tool Development:

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education - School Turnaround Videos – Project director and lead contributor for the development of videos highlighting best practices in MTSS and Family/Community Engagement in schools in Turnaround Schools in Massachusetts. 2017-ongoing

New Hampshire Department of Education - Created and developed communication tools to message about the state Equitable Distribution of Excellent Educator Plan as well as the Peer Review Process for Educator Effectiveness Models as component work within the Northeast Comprehensive Center technical assistance services.  2015-ongoing

New Hampshire Department of Education - Created and developed a voice over PowerPoint video which articulates the efforts of districts and schools in New Hampshire in implementing competency based education based on College-and-Career Ready Standards. Refined and developed communication tools to provide ongoing information to key stakeholders at the community, school and state levels regarding state work in state standards and assessment as Research Associate at RMC Research.  2014-2015